Katilina.com is a website.

Oh, all right. Katilina.com is my website. I'm Katilina. If you are here, then you are probably easily jammed into one of the following categories:

-You know me in real life. Well, good for you! Welcome to my website. It's pretty pointless, so I don't know why I told you about it. But hey. Welcome. Have a good time.

-You came from a link on one of my weblogs. Perhaps you are familiar with me through the great abyss of the interwebs? That's cool, because you already know what you're getting yourself into (A PILE OF IDIOCY).

-You just surfed in. Mistakenly. Whoops. There is still time to turn back, though. Har har. I mean it, get outta here.

In any case, the real HEART AND SOUL of Katilina.com is not something I can link to in public like this. You'll have to discover it for yourself someday. There's nothing to see here!

However, if you have any suggestions for Actual Content, send me an email at Katilina [at] Katilina [dot] com. Or if you just want to chat! Whatever. I'll definitely consider what you have to say. Enjoy! (????)